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Programs & Patches

Split and Go (2016/9/18 updated)
An Android application to split the bill. This application is provided as a source code package and you need Android Studio to compile it (Version 2.1.2 and above).
CameraTest (2016/9/18 updated)
A minimum implementation of camera application on Android. This is not a practical application, but would be a template for a more complicated but useful application.
sudoku.l (2014/3/19 updated)
This script solves "sudoku" puzzles.
Nikkei-Puzzle.rb(2013/11/8 updated)
This script solves "Jukugo Sakusei" puzzles on Nikkei Newspapers (Evening). alt-cannadic is required.
pdfutils(2013/10/9 updated)
Simple PDF utilities written in Perl. CAM::PDF and Text::PDF are required.
sl.l (2011/12/26 updated)
This is a joke script derived from a famous UNIX command. A steam locomotive(SL) runs across your xyzzy window.
rot13/47.l (2011/9/1 updated)
This xyzzy lisp script provides rot13/47 functionality, which is a simple Caesar-cypher encription. A major advantage of rot13/47 is that it is self-inverse, so that you can get an original text by applying rot13/47 on an encrypted text.
machiuke (2010/11/21 updated)
A simple template for making 'machiuke' flash for your mobile phone. You can make one easily just by preparing a PNG image and two TTF fonts. You need mtasc and swfmill to build your flash.
unix-like-commands.l (2010/11/10 updated)
This xyzzy lisp script provides sort, uniq, wc and grep functions that work like UNIX commands with same names.
Ruby scripts (2010/9/11 updated)
eblook.l (2008/8/6 updated)
An eblook client for xyzzy. With this xyzzy lisp script, you can use an electronic dictionary supported by eblook on xyzzy. See an instruction in the script for details.
Gauche-cdaudio (2003/8/25 updated)
A libcdaudio extention for Gauche (a Scheme implementation). It adds CD-playing feature to Gauche.
(NOTE: This is an early release and does not include any document yet.)
waeijiro-fpw (2003/6/9 updated)
waeijiro-fpw is a FreePWING script to convert the "Waeijiro" dictionary into JIS X 4081 format. "Waeijiro" is a Japanese-English dictionary provided by the EDP (Electronic Dictionary Project).
i18n patches for window managers (1998/9/19 updated)
These patches add i18n support to window managers listed below, which includes support of non-ASCII strings on window titles and menus. (NOTE: Test is done only for EUC-JP locale. Some patches are obsoleted.)
i18n patches for basic X clients (1998/2/11 updated)
These patches add i18n support to basic X cliants listed below. (NOTE: Test is done only for EUC-JP locale. Some patches may be obsoleted.)


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